How to check your fruit tree's soil is healthy

November 25, 2019

How to check your fruit tree's soil is healthy

How to check your soil is healthy

Soils ain't soils. So why do we treat them like dirt?! If your Fruit Salad Tree is not looking as vivacious as it should be, then it may have something to do with the soil conditions that it is getting its growing nutrients from. It is always good practice to take a sample before you fertilise to ensure your tree gains all of the benefits from fertilising.

pH testing your soil to ensure your fruit salad tree is healthy

What is pH testing?

pH testing means potential of Hydrogen and is a measure if acidity or alkalinity of water soluble substances. A pH scale goes from 1 to 14, where 1 is most acidic and 14 being most alkaline - 7 is neutral.

Knowing your pH levels are important as certain nutrients are absorbed at various pH levels and different plants benefit from different amounts of nutrients.

How long does it take to test my soil?

A pH reading might sound scientific, however it is quick and easy. Purchase a kit from your local nursery or garden supplier. Inside your kit you'll find a bottle of indicator, a slide for the soil, a colour chart, mixing stick and Barium Sulphate powder.

When taking a sample, remove grass and rocks from the topsoil and dig 10-15cm into the soil. Try not to use your hands to collect the sample as this may contaminate your reading.

How do I perform a pH test on my soil?

Place the soil on the clean, dry slide and then place 2-3 drops of Barium Sulphate on the soil. Wait a few minutes and check the colour of your soil against the colour chart.

If your pH is too acidic you could add calcium carbonate (lime) and organic matter. If your pH is too alkaline, then you can add sulphur and organic matter.

How do I prepare my clay soil to plant my fruit tree?

Clay soil can hold water, and fruit trees love fresh drained areas. Click here to view a video of Sue demonstrating a few things that you can do to prepare your clay soil to plant a fruitful Fruit Salad tree.

How big will my Fruit Salad Tree grow?

Our Fruit Salad Trees can grow in pots and in the ground. Citrus Fruit Salad Trees are dwarf and grow up to 2 metres. Our Apple and Stone Fruit Salad Trees are 2-3 metres in the ground. They can be espaliered and also grow well in pots.

Fruit Salad Tree at 3 years old mature tree in ground

More tree care tips

For further tips on growing different fruit on one Fruit Salad Tree, you can look at planting your tree in a pot, planting your tree in the ground, plus balancing your Fruit Salad Tree. For care tips, find out what causes citrus leaves to turn yellow, and what causes citrus leaves to curl.

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