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Our Staff

James West

Founding Director:  Mostly retired ………. “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”…..  this is why the Fruit Salad Tree Company started.  I like to read, learn from books and then experiment.  Not having much money and a young family to support meant I tried to do things myself on the farm.  Those endeavours were both satisfying and sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding.  My wife Kerry and I had a lot to learn once we decided to produce the trees and it took some years, more than first expected (surprised?!).   From a young age our four children have been an integral part of growing the business and we are very grateful to them and highly commend their efforts.  We are never too old to learn and we are thankful to God for the people with us who have the acquired skills and ability to continue growing the business and providing customers with the very best in multi grafted Fruit Salad Trees.


Kerry West

Founding Director:  From 1990 enthusiastic administrator and Managing Director.   Built the business while nurturing four young children on the home farm, (a girl Lucinda and three boys, Scott, Dane and Mark), who all learned how to work with the trees in the nursery from a very young age. Home schooled children for six years of high school.  Transitioned from manual administration to computers…….. (scary!)  Worked with husband in nursery, slowly developing the trees and the business. Dedicated Christian faith.   Now, many years on, I just love it when people share with us their excitement of seeing and tasting the different fruits on their trees …. It’s a Blessing to produce something that gives people a lot of enjoyment and happiness, for years ahead!



Vanessa Amos

Hi, I have a very varied role from customer service to office management to assisting in the nursery. Being in a small team means you tend to do whatever is required to get the job done. With qualifications in frontline management, business management, workplace health and safety plus horticulture and landscaping, I feel I have all the skills required to help the Fruit Salad Tree Company grow.


Scott West

Hi all, my role is definitely a mixed bag at the Fruit Salad Tree Company.  I manage the nursery, propagation and budwood orchard and also look after the website and technical side of things.  I have been working off and on in the business for about 5 years, and am continually learning new and better ways of doing it all.  I think I am lucky to work in such a beautiful part of the world, and in the peace and quiet. Come say hi next time you see me at a garden show near you!