Choosing a gift for someone different in your life?

October 26, 2018 2 Comments

Choosing a gift for someone different in your life?

With up to 6 different fruit on the same tree, a Fruit Salad Tree is the unique gift that will keep on giving your special one different tasting fruit! A truly unique gift for a unique person! You can choose from a variety of fruits for your loved one to grow on one tree, in pots on the balcony, or in the ground in their backyard. Fruit Salad Trees are great for edible gardens too. We have different varieties to suit all of the Australian climates and we deliver Australia wide.

We know that it's hard to choose the perfectly different gift to suit the friend or family member who has everything, so we've prepared a 'Fruit Salad Tree Gift Guide' to help you decide. Plus, once you decide on your tree, you can purchase online and we'll deliver to their doorstep anywhere in Australia.

A different gift for different personalities

A Fruit Salad Tree with Plum

For that fiery personality in your life, the Plum is the rockstar of the stone fruits. It's groove and smooth stone makes it stand out from the crowd. Leos and Virgos alike will love growing the plum. The Yellow Plum (Gulf Gold) has yellow flesh and blushes red when ripe! It has a small seed and is sort of clingy (a semi-clingstone). The Blood Plums (Satsuma and Yarrahappini varieties) are often the last of the stonefruit to wake up from winter dormancy. Just like teenagers, once they finally wake up, you won't miss their fiery presence! The Satsuma is a freestone, so it would suit a very free spirited individual. Plums don't love the hot humid summers of the top end of Australia, but will grow well in all other areas. View all Fruit Salad Trees with Plums online here.

A Fruit Salad Tree with Apricot

Do you have a family member or friend who turns up late all the time and is unpredictable when they finally arrive? Well, a Fruit Salad Tree with Apricot may just be the perfect present. It will give them Apricots, they may just fruit a little later in the season than the other stone fruits on the same tree. They'll make up for their tardiness with their sweet nature! It's a heavy fruiting variety with a slight blush, as it's a little fussy about its appearance. They don't like the subtropical heat north of Brisbane but will be quite content anywhere else in Australia.

We graft the Glengary Apricot variety onto our Fruit Salad Trees and they grow on the same tree as Nectarines, Peaches, Plums, and Peachcots. Click here to view all Fruit Salad Trees with Apricot.

A Fruit Salad Tree with Peachcot

The Peachcot is a dark horse. Never underestimate the peachcot, they may look like they don't like you but once they warm to you, their generosity and their sweet and delightful temperament will never stop giving you the warm fuzzies. Botanically they are a Peach, but they have the texture of an Apricot. A more versatile grower than the Plums and Apricots, Peachcots grow throughout Australia and especially love the tropical and colder climates. View all Fruit Salad Trees with Peachcot here.



A Fruit Salad Tree with Nectarine

The Nectarine is hearty, strong, dependable fruit. A bit of a health fiend, it's full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and just loves growing in an edible garden, perhaps with carrots, garlic chives and comfrey. The White Nectarine (White Satin variety) is a little more delicate in flavour than it's counterpart, the Yellow Nectarine (Sunwright variety) which is a tangy and sweet fruit. 

An easygoing variety, the Nectarine will enjoy life in any of the Australian climates, and will especially thrive in the subtropical climates of Brisbane, Rockhampton and Coffs Harbour. View all Fruit Salad Trees available with Nectarine.

A Fruit Salad Tree with Peach

The warm fuzzy Peach is the heart and soul of social occasions. If you have one of those peachy keen individuals in your life, give them a Fruit Salad Tree so they can plant some love and enjoy basking in their Peachy love and fuzziness. They fruit in November, just in time to get organised for the party season.

We graft two different Peach varieties here at Fruit Salad Trees:

    • The Yellow Peach (Florda Prince) is a medium-sized peach and is the earliest fruiting peach variety.
    • The White Peach (Tropical Snow) is a medium to large freestone Peach. It's resistant to bacterial spot too - what a peach! 

View all Fruit Salad Trees with Peaches here

An Apple Tree growing different varieties of Apples

Do you know someone who is dreaming of an Apple tree? Apples can symbolise harmony and fertility in dreams. They can also be symbols of wealth and beauty and perfection- plus they can be a sign of luck in love! So why not buy an Apple Fruit Salad Tree for your loved one to signify your prosperous relationship? Australians eat 200 million kilos a year, so you can't go wrong with an Apple tree!

A Fruit Salad Tree with Yellow Apples

A sweet and aromatic variety, the Yellow Apple can bring that ray of sunshine into your life just when you need it the most. The Tropical Sweet variety of Yellow Apple is low chill, meaning that it doesn't need a long winter to sleep. Pops out of bed and springs to life like a kid on Christmas day. Golden Delicious (warm climate) and Golden Dorset (cold climate) are also great Yellow Apple varieties to choose from.

View our range of Fruit Salad Trees with Yellow Apples here.

A Fruit Salad Tree with Red Apples

There are so many varieties of the ol' classic Red Apple: the warm climate Red Lady, Anna and the cold climate Fuji, Red Delicious, Royal Gala and Jonathan. View all Fruit Salad Trees with Red Apples here.

A Fruit Salad Tree with Green Apples

We all have that firm yet sweet motherly influence in our lives. The Granny Smith is great for someone who loves to cook. She's just downright dependable as she grows in warm climates and cool climates alike. A late ripening variety (March - May) the Granny Smith has a long shelf life and is self-pollinating. 

The Green Glow variety, on the other hand, would suit a very unique individual friend. He loves to stand out - especially at the beach and coastal areas. 

View our range of Fruit Salad Trees with Green Apples here.


For more information on our Apple varieties, read our Apple variety guide here.

Fruit Salad Trees is a nursery on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. We graft different fruit varieties onto the same tree. Our unique trees have been given as gifts for Valentines Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, and many more. They have also been given as memorials, school projects, tokens of appreciation, and many more.

We love seeing our customers fruit harvesting pictures and our nursery staff are more than happy to answer any Fruit Salad Tree growing questions you have. Sign up for our seasonal quarterly tree care reminders on our homepage for more tips and tricks. 

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Hal Osman
Hal Osman

January 29, 2019

Do you have a Orange + Lemon + Mandarin Tree

Christina Cook
Christina Cook

January 29, 2019

My husband and I are interested mandarins lemon and grapefruit will you be getting then at all in the future. C .Cook

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