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About Us

The development of our unique Fruit Salad trees began around 1990, with a need to supply fruit to our growing family with 4 young children. Our isolated farm of 2,500 acres in northern N.S.W. meant that we needed to produce as much fruit as possible ourselves. Dad, James was always learning from books and then experimenting. He successfully grafted an old tree in the yard not just with one fruit variety but with an assortment of 30 different fruits from the same ‘family’ and so the “Fruit Salad” tree was born. After much more study, research and experimenting AND realising the potential benefits that such multi grafted trees would provide for the home gardener, we decided to make them available to the public. James began to teach our 3 boys the art of grafting ….. however each boy needed to reach the age of 10 years old before they were trusted to work with such a sharp knife. Over 20 years on, as the demand continues to grow, the family are truly Blessed that Scott, Dane and Mark are still grafting these special trees and still have all their fingers!!