We dispatch our trees every Tuesday, for delivery to most states of Australia.

For WA and Tasmania, we send trees on the first Tuesday of each month.

For orders going to South Australia, we now require a Quarantine Certificate ($34.95) so please tick Yes to the question in Checkout

Apple Fruit Salad Trees

Different Apples on 1 tree!

  • Apple Fruit Salad Trees

    Apple Fruit Salad Trees

Apple Fruit Salad Trees grow different Apple varieties on the same tree.

Each Apple variety retains its own characteristics like flavour, appearance and ripening times. Each tree is hand grafted, with combinations to suit all Australian climates.

All Climate Apples

All Climate Apple trees are suitable for all areas of Australia including tropical, coastal, temperate and cold climate areas. See our Climate Map for more information. Tip: If you are unsure of the suitability of apples for your area, choose from our All Climate Apples.

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Cold Climate Apples

Cold Climate Apples are suitable for cold climate areas of Australia. Check our climate map to find the climate of your area. Tip: if you want a longer harvesting period, buy both a Cold Climate apple tree and an All Climate apple tree, as All Climate apples fruit earlier than Cold Climate apples.

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