Green Apple

Green Glow

Fruit characteristics: The Green Glow apple is larger than a Granny Smith with a sweeter, less acidic flavour. The Green Glow apple is perfect for those who find the Granny Smith a bit too sour. Perfect for your backyard or balcony!

Blossoms: Pink buds and bloom as white flowers in Spring.

Pollination Information: Requires cross pollination with a suitable early flowering apple. (please note your apple tree will be sold with the correct pollinator for your variety, unless you order a single graft apple tree).

Preferred Climate: The Green Glow apple is an ALL Climate (low chill) apple variety that is suitable for all areas of Australia except Alpine areas.

Chill Hours: >250 hours

Can they grow in pots? Yes; we recommend planting your Fruit Salad Tree in pots starting in size of around 40 cm in diameter (see our care instructions for more information).

Height: When planted in the ground our multi-grafted Apple Fruit Salad Trees will grow to approximately 2.5 metres.

pH Range: 6.5-7.5

Frost: As spring temperatures often fluctuate it is always good to think about protecting your blossoms from frost.

Fruiting Season: January - March

Did you know? Apple trees look great grown along a trellis (also known as espalier). They benefit from being positioned against a north or west facing wall.

Cimate Suitability

Good news, there is an Apple Fruit Salad Tree suitable for all Australian Climates.

To check your climate and find out if your area is suitable for All Climate Apple Varieties or Cold Climate Apple varieties, click on our Climate Map.

In general, Tropical / Warm / Temperate climates can grow All Climate varieties of Apples. Cold climates can grow both Cold Climate and All Climate Apple Varieties.

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