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Fruit Salad Trees | An Apple a day...

October 12, 2018

Fruit Salad Trees | An Apple a day...

In the 1860s the Welsh proverb “Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread’’ was developed. These days we know it as “An apple a day keeps the doctor away’’. Its creation was from folk-wisdom that fruit and vegetable consumption had identifiable health benefits. Anglo-Saxons and Ancient Romans also knew their health benefits, the Apple was also used in Ayurvedic medicine in southern Asia over 1500 years ago.

It is believed that eating an apple every day reduces the risk of having a stroke and lowers bad cholesterol. Apples are high in fibre and Vitamin C and low in sodium (salt) and calories.

There are a few different varieties of apples available on our Fruit Salad Trees, that not only look fantastic when they are growing, but they taste better than anything you will purchase in a store. Best of all you know you have grown them yourself. Take a look at our All Climate apples; they are low chill so only require around 300 hours of chill time and are therefore suited to most climates. 

Anna (Malus domestica 'Anna')                                              

  • Origin: Israel in 1965
  • Colour: Red over yellow/green
  • Purpose: Cooking and Eating
  • Chill hours: 300
  • Ripening: Early season
  • Climate: All
  • Flowers: White to soft pink
Self-pollinating, heavy cropping, very early season variety that keeps well for 2-3 weeks, crisp juicy flavour similar to a Red Delicious.

Tropical Sweet (Malus domestica 'Tropical Sweet')

  • Origin: Florida 
  • Colour: Red blush over greenish yellow 
  • Purpose: Cooking and Eating 
  • Chill hours: 250 to 300 
  • Ripening: Early season- late spring to early summer 
  • Climate: All 
  • Flowers: White with a pink tinge

Tropical Sweet is similar to Jonathon in texture and taste and is great used as a dessert apple, it will keep for several weeks, sweet, low acid crispy apple. Benefits from pollinators such as Anna or Golden Dorset. 

Golden Dorset (Malus domestica 'Golden Dorset')

  • Origin: Bahamas in the 1950s 
  • Colour: Yellow with a pink blush 
  • Purpose: Eating 
  • Chill hours: 100 to 300 
  • Ripening: Early season 
  • Climate: All 
  • Flowers: White to soft pink 
Crispy, firm, sweet and aromatic apple. Self-pollinating but benefits from pollinators such as Anna and Granny Smith

Granny Smith (Malus domestica 'Granny Smith')

  • Origin: Australia, Epping NSW 
  • Colour: Bright green with faint white spots 
  • Purpose: Eating and cooking 
  • Chill hours: 400 
  • Ripening: Late season- March to May 
  • Climate: All 
  • Flowers: White to soft pink 

Tart flavoured, excellent for cooking. Long shelf life. Self-pollinating.

Lady in Red/ Red Lady (Malus domestic ‘Lady in Red’)                        

  • Origin: New Zealand, 1996 
  • Colour: Bright red 
  • Purpose: Eating 
  • Chill hours: 500 
  • Ripening: Early season 
  • Climate: All 
  • Flowers: Light to mid pink 
Similar flavour and texture to the Pink Lady variety, very sweet. Excellent shelf life.

So there you have it, just a few different apples to tempt your taste buds… So which ones will you pick? View our full range of Multi-Apple trees here.

Here at Fruit Salad Trees, we stock a wide range of fruit trees online, which all boast different fruit on the same tree. Each fruit variety retains its own flavour, appearance and ripening time. We graft citrus, stonefruit and multi-apple trees for all climates and also tailored for cold climates.

Our fast fruiting trees can be grown in the ground, or in pots on your balcony.

Shop our wide range of trees now and check out our current specials here!

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