Stone Fruit Mites

Two-Spotted Mite are one of the most consistent pests in deciduous fruit tree orchards. 

Symptoms: Mites damage your fruit tree by causing the leaves to turn brown and fall. Fine webbing can be seen on heavy infestations and trees can be defoliated. The overall effect is to reduce yield and fruit quality. 

Control: If your Fruit Salad Tree has a mite infestation then on this occasion we would recommend watering the affected plant from above, remove and destroy badly infested leaves. Encourage natural enemies like ladybugs to your garden. You can use natural soaps/oil based sprays to combat this spidery little pest that can be purchased from your local nursery.

Prevention: Conditions that are favourable to this insect include: dusty areas in and around your home garden; hot, dry conditions, and excessive use of sprays that reduce the number of beneficial insects. 

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