Shot Hole

Shot hole is a fungus

Plant Parts: Leaves, buds and fruit.

Season:  At the end of Spring - Summer

Symptoms: Leaf symptoms first appear as reddish spots that enlarge until the centre of the spot becomes a tan colour and the centre of the spot will eventually fall out producing a hole. Infected buds will turn black and fruit will have similar coloured lesions to the leaves.

Control: Removal of the infected leaves and some of the infected twigs will help in controlling the fungus. A preventative fungal regime is recommended - A spray of copper oxychloride at bud swell will help.

Prevention: Avoid overhead watering, since the spores travel by rainfall and splashing water. Keep weeds, cuttings and plant debris cleaned up and dispose of this material away from the tree to keep from spreading spores accidentally. Check out the Care instructions in the annual winter pruning section. Applying a copper spray at bud swell and repeating if necessary is a great preventative.

References: Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University, Bugwood Disease

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