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Peach Aphids

The green peach aphid grows up to 3 mm long and varies in colour from shiny pale yellow-green, green, orange or pink. Adults are oval-shaped and can be winged or wingless. Winged adults (alates) have a dark patch on the abdomen, while wingless adults are usually quite uniform in colour. Peach Aphids will attack all Stone fruit.

Targeted Area:  Whole tree

Season: Spring - Summer

Symptoms: Aphids are sap-sucking insects that are found mostly on the underside of leaves. Aphid-infested leaves can turn yellow, and eventually fall off. Another major impact is that Aphids spread viruses on your tree. Aphids excrete honeydew which can cause sooty mould on the fruit and on the tree. They also attract ants which act to protect them against natural predators.

Control: If caught early, aphids can be just hosed off the plant or you can apply an organic spray made from chilli or garlic or a horticultural oil (remember not to apply sprays in temps over 32’). Control any ant infestations to allow natural predators of the aphids access to these little pests. 

Prevention: Remove weeds from underneath the fruit tree. Promote beneficial insects like ladybirds to your garden. If you do notice aphids on the new growth of your fruit tree - if your fruit salad tree is young, act fast to prevent long term damage.