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Light Brown Apple Moth

The larvae are yellow-green and slender – up to 200mm long; once mature the moth is around 10mm long when the wings are folded in a bell shape. You will notice this moth activity more around the new moon phase and during a full moon.

Plant Part: Fruit and leaves

Season: Spring - Summer

Symptoms: Chewed and skeletonised leaves, you may notice webbing in rolled leaves. Fruit will have chew holes from the larvae near the stem end.

Control: Good early season control is essential. Pheromone traps will help to contain the moth in flight stage and Dipel sprays when in the caterpillar stage.

Prevention: Generally, the beneficial insects like spiders and earwigs in your garden will keep this grub at bay.

References: NSW Department of Primary Industries, Department of Agriculture VIC , Invasive.org, and the FST team