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Kumquat Negami

Botanical Name: Citrus Australasica

Fruit Characteristics: Finger limes are small, elongated citrus fruits (finger looking) with a thin skin of various colours that is semi-smooth with a leathery texture.

They have a unique and delicious pulp, that consists of many small pearls that are firm, slightly sticky, juicy, and crisp.

When eaten, the pearls create a popping sensation with a burst of sweet-tart flavours in the mouth.

Finger limes bear a minty, citrus-forward aroma with a tangy, sweet, and slightly sour, floral, lemon-lime flavour.

Blossoms: White

Pollination: Self-fertile

Height: 1m x 2m when planted in the ground in appropriate conditions

Fruiting Season: March - September

Preferred Climate: Subtropical / Warm Temperate

Location: Full sun – minimum 8 hours

Suitable for pots: Yes

Suitable in the ground: Yes

Recommended Planting Season: All year


Climate Suitability

Good news, there is a Citrus Fruit Salad Tree suitable for most Australian Climates. 

  • Tropical / Temperate climates are suitable for all Citrus trees.
  • Citrus are also suitable for Cold climates (down to -8 degrees).
  • Alpine areas with temperatures below -8 are not recommended for Citrus.

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