Freckle or Peach Scab, is a fungal disease that likes warm wet weather.

Plant Part: Fruit.

Season: Fruiting cycle

Symptoms: Fruit symptoms appear as greyish spots on the fruit, generally near the stem.

Control: Removal of infected twigs that have raised lesions on current years growth will help in controlling the fungus. A preventative fungal regime is recommended - A spray of copper oxychloride at bud swell will help.

Prevention: Good balancing/pruning practices allowing good air circulation will help discourage this fungus. Don’t over water your stonefruit tree over winter. Keep weeds, cuttings and plant debris cleaned up and dispose of this material away from the tree to keep from spreading spores accidentally. Check out the Care instructions in the annual winter pruning section. Applying a copper spray at bud swell and repeating if necessary is a great preventative. 

References: Agriculture Victoria, Sustainable Gardening Australia , Thomas G. FordPenn State Extension and of course the FST team.

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