Citrus Rust Mite

Also known as Redmite, these tiny invertebrates attack the surface of your fruit (often around the stalk), not harming the juicy flesh inside.

Plant Part: Leaves, branches and fruit

Season: Spring

Symptoms: You may notice this pestie mite on the new growth of your citrus tree. They attack the outer exposed surface of the fruit causing it to look rusty/spotty in appearance. Rust mites can also cause bronzing of leaves and green twigs. Look for white cast-off skins on the leaf and fruit surface to confirm mite infestation. Thrives in dry conditions.

Control:  Eco oil or Eco Neem will help keep this mite under control.

Preventative: Attracting beneficial insects to your garden.

Reference: NSW Department of Industries, Department of Agriculture & Food, Western Australia , Don Ferrin, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center,, and of course or FST team.

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