Caterpillars from the moth family attack all fruit trees. They have a distinct looping action when they move. They are more abundant in the warmer weather.

Plant Parts: Leaves and fruit

Season: Spring

Symptoms: The eggs can be found on the under-surfaces of the leaves. They attack foliage and as they grow move up the plant. Sometimes attacking flowers and fruit parts - they grow to about 35mm long.

Control: They can be removed by hand or if you decide to spray, you can use a product called 'Carbaryl'. Do not harvest any fruit for at least 3 days after application. Read all directions on the packaging. Check with your local nursery for other treatment suggestions. 

Prevention: Attract beneficial insects to your garden to pick off these critters.

Reference: Department of Agriculture & Food, Western Australia, NSW Department of Primary Industries and of course our FST team.

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