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Bronze Orange Bug

These prolific pests also known as 'stink bugs' will damage you citrus Fruit Salad Tree, sucking the sap from the tree, causing flowers and fruit to fall and new shoots to wilt.

Plant Part: Leaves, young shoots, flowers

Season: Late Winter - Spring

Symptoms: These bugs suck on the stalks causing flowers and fruits to fall prematurely and they will also affect new growth shoots.

Control: If you are able to tell in winter that your citrus tree has been infected, you will notice the young green bugs (nymphs) under leaves, applying a soapy spray will help remove these smelly critters. If you don’t notice the bugs until they have matured (turned orange-black) then the next step will be to apply Eco-neem and then treat the foliage with a horticultural soap to deal with the eggs left behind. Do not touch these bugs with bare hands.

Preventative:  Setting up a preventative spraying program in winter/early spring can help deter pests like the stink bug and scale. Applying eco-oil routinely around this period will destroy the eggs and smother any small nymphs.

References: NSW Department of Primary Industries and the FST team.