Blood Plum


Fruit characteristics: Satsuma is a popular semi clingstone plum with a lovely red-purple flesh. Sweet with slight tartness, these plums are great for eating, stewing and jam making. Satsuma Plum is a vigorous grower that fruits well.

Blossoms: Beautiful white blossoms in Spring.

Pollination Information: Satsuma Plums are self fertile but will benefit from another Japanese cross pollinating variety.

Can they grow in pots? Yes! We recommend planting your Fruit Salad Tree in pots starting in size of around 40 cm in diameter (see Tree Care FAQ for more information).

Height: When planted in the ground, our Stone Fruit Salad Trees will grow to approximately 3 metres. They can be pruned to around 2m if preferable. They are fantastic to espalier along a fence or wall.

Fruiting Season: January - February.

Preferred Climate: Warm Arid, Subtropical to Cold. We don't recommend Satsuma Plum on coastal areas north of Brisbane or tropical areas.

pH Range: 6.5 - 7.2

Climate Suitability

Good news, the Florda Prince peach can be grown in all Australian Climates!

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In general, Tropical, Warm and Temperate climates can grow the Stone Fruit Salad Trees (tropical varieties only), Citrus Fruit Salad Trees and the tropical Apple tree. See your Climate zone map for area specific details.

Cold climates can grow Stone Fruit Salad Trees, the Citrus Fruit Salad Trees (to -8 degrees) and the Cold Climate Apple Fruit Salad Trees.

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