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Bacterial Spot

This bacterial disease grows in warm, humid weather. The disease’s symptoms include fruit spots, leaf spots and twig cankers.

Plant Part: Whole tree

Season: Spring - Summer

Symptoms: Leaf symptoms first appear as small greenish yellow angular (V-shaped) spots and when the spots dry out the center will drop out. You will notice an oily sheen on the spots. Fruit symptoms include pitting, cracking, gumming and watersoaked tissue. Fruit infected by bacterial spot are more susceptible to other fruit diseases such as brown rot and rhizopus, as well as infestations by insects. Severe leaf spot infections can cause early defoliation. Severe defoliation can result in reduced fruit size, and sunburn and cracking of fruit. Early defoliated trees can be less vigorous and more prone to winter damage.

Control: Prune out and dispose of infected clippings, keeping a close eye on new growth.

Prevention: Good balancing/pruning methods. Avoid overhead watering. Practice good garden hygiene, always using sharp clean secateurs, paint pruning wounds and keep weeds, cuttings and plant debris cleaned up. Always dispose of this material away from your fruit tree. 

Check out the Care instructions in the annual winter pruning section. Applying a copper spray at bud swell and repeating if necessary is a great preventative.

References: QLD Department of Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Michigan State University Integrated Pest Managament, K. Peter and our FST team


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