Stone Fruit Bacterial Canker

Bacterial Canker (also known as Bacterial Gumosis) is a disease that loves wet and windy weather.

Plant Part: Whole tree

Season: Spring (Budswell) - Summer (after harvest)

Symptoms:  Keep an eye on any open wounds on your fruit tree as the bacteria will enter via any wounds or weather damage around budswell and Autumn. Leaf symptoms first appear as brown irregular spots and gummy resin may weep from the trunk.

Control: Prune and dispose of infected clipping in summer.

Prevention: Good balancing/pruning methods. Avoid winter pruning when possible and practice good garden hygiene, always using sharp clean secateurs and keep weeds, cuttings and plant debris cleaned up and dispose of this material away from your fruit tree. Check out the Care instructions in the annual winter pruning section. Applying a copper spray at leaf fall and repeating if necessary is a great preventative.

References: NSW Department of Primary Industries,  Sustainable Gardening Australia and of course or FST team.

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