We dispatch our trees every Tuesday, for delivery to most states of Australia.

For WA and Tasmania, we send trees on the first Tuesday of each month.



Fruit characteristics: Glengarry Apricot is a small to medium sized apricot with pale yellow and red blush skin. It is sweet with yellow flesh and is a heavy cropping variety.

Blossoms: Beautiful white blossoms with red centre in Spring.

Pollination Information: Glengarry Apricots are a self fertile variety.

Can they grow in pots? Yes; we recommend planting your Fruit Salad Tree in pots starting in size of around 40 cm in diameter (see our care instructions for more information).

Height: When planted in the ground our multi-grafted Stone Fruit Salad Trees will grow to approximately 3 metres. They can be pruned to around 2m if preferable. They are fantastic to espalier along a fence or wall.

Fruiting Season: November - December

Preferred Climate: Subtropical to Cold. We don't recommend Glengarry Apricot on coastal areas north of Brisbane or tropical areas.

pH Range: 6.5-7.5 pH

Climate Suitability

Good news, there is a Stone Fruit Salad Tree suitable for all Australian Climates.

To check your climate and the suitability of Stone Fruits for your area, click on our Climate Map.

In general,  Tropical / Warm / Temperate climates can grow the tropical varieties of Stone fruits . Cold climates can grow any of the Stone fruit varieties.