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Apple Dimpling Bug

This bug is native to mainland Australia.  It is a greenish brown flying insect that is about 2-3 mm long. When squashed it has a very distinctive sweet odour.

Plant Part: Blossoms and young fruit.

Season: Winter – Spring depending on your climate and apple variety:

ALL Climates (Late June – early July) COLD Climate (Sept-October) just after budswell.

Symptoms: The bug feeds by taking sap from the blossoms and young fruit. This causes scarring and dimples when the fruit develops.

Control:  Put some sticky traps out around the tree if you are worried about this bug. This pest is generally not the type to hang around every year.

Prevention: You can use a pest repellent, but we would recommend avoid unnecessary spraying. As applying insecticides while your apple tree is in blossom can have a negative effect on bees, instead attract beneficial insects to your garden to help keep this pest at bay.

Resources: NSW department of Primary Industries, Department of Agriculture & Food WA, Australian Apple and Pear IPDM Dave Williams, Apple Dimpling Bug - Fruit Growers Victoria, and our FST team.