Mature Fruiting Tree: 2 Plums + Nectarine + Peach + Apricot

This mature 5 Fruit Stone Fruit Salad Tree is growing

- Yarrahapinni Red Plums

- Satsuma Blood Plums

- Sun Wright Yellow Nectarines

- Florda Prince Yellow Peaches

- Glengarry Apricots

    All on one tree!

    It is 2 years old and is already producing lots of fruit!

    Get a jumpstart on fruit production by taking home this fruiting tree and pick from your tree today!

    Mature Fruit Salad Trees are an exclusive rare opportunity to purchase a larger older tree that is already fruiting. It has been carefully grown in a large pot and is now ready to be planted out in a larger pot or the ground. 

    The mature trees are individually photographed so you can see the exact tree you can take home today.

    Note: each tree is a one of a kind, when it sells, its gone.

    All Mature trees are pickup only. Please select the Pickup option during checkout.

    For more information on our Stone Fruit varieties please see Stone Fruit Variety Information.


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    Our Stone Fruit Salad Trees are suitable for all Australian climates. We do not recommend Apricots north of Brisbane or Apricots and Plums in tropical regions. See our Climate Map for more details by clicking HERE.

    There are 2 special care requirements for our trees.
    1. Keep the tree balanced! Check your tree regularly and prune back any branches that are outgrowing the others.
    2. Remove Rootstock. Each fruit will be marked with white paint when you recieve your tree. If you see any other growth coming from the tree trunk, remove this as this is rootstock growth.

    Our Stone fruit trees will grow to 3m high x 2m wide in the ground. In a pot, they will grow to about 2/3 of that size depending on the size of the pot. Note: The size of your tree is determined by many factors including soil type, sunlight, nutrition availability and overall health.

    Keep your tree moist at all times. Weekly deep watering is best for trees planted in the ground. Potted trees usually require watering at least 3 times a week during summer.

    Stone Fruit Salad Trees will begin fruiting within the first 12 to 18 months. You may need to remove some of the first fruits if the branch is not yet large enough to hold the weight of the fruit.

    Your trees will be shipped through Australia Post including tracking. Express shipping is available for urgent delivery. Select the Express post option during checkout.

    Looking for more information? More information on our Stone Fruit trees is available HERE

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