What is a Fruit Salad Tree?

A Fruit Salad Tree, developed in 1990 by the West Family in northern New England, New South Wales, Australia, bears up to six different fruits of the same family ALL growing on the one tree. All fruits retain their own individuality, with staggered ripening times.

There are 4 Tree Types: 
1.  Stone Fruits 
2. Citrus Fruits 
3. Multi Apples 
4. Multi Nashis.  

Grow them in the ground or in pots!  Plant all year round!

Delivered right to your front door.

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I purchased a peach plum apricot nectarine tree, I have had the tree now for four years and it has grown into a great tree. It produces a lot of fruit at different times and all in one space. The kids cant wait to pick the fruit, I was so impressed that I now purchased a citrus mix. Tony, Chifley NSW


Dear Kerry and James, Just wanted to thank you for such tremendous service. Your tree arrived this Sunday morning by courier, and I have a very excited wife. She had never heard of such a tree, but already the hole is dug and watered and the tree is in the water bucket. It will go in early tomorrow. Regards Rick


Thanks for your help, and your service, it has been most professional and is very much appreciated. Andrew


The tree arrived today and looks amazing. Thank you so much for helping me out with this one I think it will make my wife very happy. Thanks again. Ashley 26/6/2015

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